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About Us

About Us... 

This is the page where the agency touts the years of experience, how the service is exceptional, and where we have the best solutions and CALL US first.

Good News!

We are much the same as anyone else.  Our agency is a great team where we work together to meet your needs.  Yes. We do work hard to provide the right solution for your needs.  We do have MANY carriers that position us to provide alternate solutions when life changes. We are NOT tied to one company name...  We LOVE to provide specific solutions today for your specific need today.  We have NO Mandates to write your entire package in order to take care your specific need.  If you just want a landlord policy, we can write just a landlord policy.  If you need only a golf cart or motorcycle policy, we will solve that need.  We do not hard sell you.  We do not put you on an incessant e-mail list.. We do not share your data with other vendors to sell you product.  We provide insurance solutions!

Our number one type of insurance sold is- Vacant Home Insurance - Landlord Insurance - Builders Risk Insurance.  There is such a need for a quick solution for these products and we have it!  No inspections, same price for occupied homes or vacant homes, home renovations are included (no structural changes). The ONLY 7 questions answered provides pricing and coverage that has no policy fees, no minimum earned, monthly billing, and no additional cost to add an additional insured.  



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